Malaysia is located in Southeastern Asia, peninsula bordering Thailand and Indonesia, Brunei, and the South China Sea, south of Vietnam. Malaysia is one of the most pleasant, hassle-free countries to visit in Southeast Asia. It's buoyant and wealthy, and has moved towards a pluralist culture based on a vibrant and interesting fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous cultures and customs. Malaysia, a middle-income country, transformed itself from a producer of raw materials into an emerging multi-sector economy.

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People:50% Malay, 33% Chinese, 9% Indian, plus indigenous tribes such as Orang Asli and Iban
Language: Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese dialects, Tamil, indigenous dialects
Religion: 52% Muslim, 17% Buddhist, 12% Taoist, 8% Christian, 8% Hindu, 2% tribal
Government: Parliamentary Monarchy
GDP: US$99 billion
Major Industries: Tin, rubber, palm oil, timber, oil, textiles, and electronics
Major Trading Partners: Singapore, Japan, and USA