The floating emerald islands of the Indonesian archipelago have for centuries lured everyone from missionaries to pirates, mining companies and backpackers to their sandalwood and spice breezes, their Bali Hai lifestyle and their magnificent beaches, mountains and volcanoes.Despite great improvements in communications and transport connections, Indonesia's thousands of islands and multitude of cultures still offer adventure that is hard to find in the developed world.

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People:There are 365 ethnic and tribal groups. The principal ones are Acehnese, Bataks, Minangkabaus (Sumatra); Javanese, Sundanese (Java); Balinese (Bali); Sasaks (Lombok); and Dani (Irian Jaya)
Language: Bahasa Indonesia (plus 583 dialects), English Religion: 87% Muslim, 9% Christian, 2% Hindu
Religion:87% Muslim, 9% Christian, 2% Hindu
Government: Military-Ruled Republic
GDP: US$173 billion
Major Industries: Oil, gas, textiles, timber, coffee, rubber, coal, tin, copper, rice, pepper, and palm oil
Major Trading Partners: Japan, USA, and Singapore